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...plus qu'une danse, un cadeau.

Nous vous proposons

des cours de tango argentin, de pratiquer le tango et aussi des bals de tango (milongas).

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Costa 03-2020 EN

After Marrakech, Sevilla and Lisbon, the time to welcome Amanda and Adrian Costa, in Mulhouse, is arrived: 13 - 14 -15 march 2020.

We have 3 goals: tango improvement, change the way of tango dancing, and give the possiblity to everyone to be initiated.


Tango salon con estilo Villa Urquiza is one the various traditional tangos you can find in Argentina. But it's not the famous tango practised in Europe: " Tango milonguero" (tango estilo del centro).The aim of tango salon con estilo villa Urquiza is more social and elegance. Both tangos have in common grounds the managment of the "pista" (dance floor). We have forcasted to remind every participants the rules of tango on the pista before be able to practise it during the milonga. A demonstration from maestros is forcasted during the milonga. To eat and brink, everybody will bring goodies and drinks.



Dates Time Types Topics Groups
Friday 13/03/20  17h30 - 18h30 Meeting Listening to the music, how to recognize various and basic rythmes and melodies Group 1
Group 2
18h45 - 20h00 Lesson Basic technics and various elements from the meeting applied to the tango (priority to group 1) Group 1
Group 2
Saturday 14/03/20     14h00 - 15h00 Meeting Advanced musical study and  concept of the differents musical layers. Group 1
Group 2
15h15 - 16h30 Lesson How to build basic structure according to the music sentences et layers Group 1
16h45 - 18h00 Lesson Depending the maestros proposition. Group 2
20h15 - 21h00 Meeting
How to lead on the dance floor. Participation of the leaders  is required.
cost free
Group 1
Group 2
21h00 - 01h00 Milonga limited places please contact H SAX. Everybody
Sunday 15/03/20   14h45 - 15h45 Meeting Listening to the music, how to recognize structure the for vals Group 1
Group 2
16h00 - 17h15 Lesson How to build basic structure according to the music sentences et layers Group 1
17h30 - 18h45 Lesson Depending the maestros proposition related to vals. Group 2



              1 meeting and the lesson = 45€

              3 times meetings + lessons = 110€ instead of 135€.   2 times meetings + lessons = 80€ instead of 90€    1 module = 45€

              Added lessons = 25€

              Milonga and demo = 15€. Only traditional tango


  Conditions & groups:

 The concept of the group, is not linked to the number of years the dancers practised tango or not. The question is: Is the dancer familiar with estilo villa Urquiza or not?

 According to answer, the dancers who have already been in Marrakech, Sevilla or Lisbon with le son du tango can join the group 2.

 The students who have spent at least 2 years in le son du tango lessons can also  join the group 2.

We invite all other dancers to follow the initiation in estilo villa Urquiza and join group 1.

If the group is not complete the group 2 dancers can join group 1.


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